2023 ZJUDE - Team 3 - Woodman 123 Team

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Please visit https://design-engineering.littleor.cn to see our work.

The full document is in the website’s Docs.

Welcome to the official repository of Woodman 123 Team, a group of passionate students from Zhejiang University dedicated to using design to change the world. We are on a mission to improve lives through the fusion of AI and design.

About Us

At Woodman 123 Team, we believe that the intersection of technology, design, and innovation has the power to create meaningful solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems. Our team of creative minds and tech enthusiasts is committed to pushing boundaries and exploring new frontiers in the realm of AI and design.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple yet powerful: to leverage the potential of artificial intelligence and cutting-edge design to create products and solutions that enhance the quality of life for individuals and communities worldwide. We are constantly striving to make the world a better place through innovation.


Check out our exciting projects on our official website to get a glimpse of our work. We have a wide range of initiatives in various domains, all aimed at making a positive impact. Here are some of our key project areas:

Get Involved

We welcome collaboration and are always open to new ideas and partnerships. If you’re passionate about using AI and design to drive positive change, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out to us through our website.

Stay Connected

Stay updated with our latest developments, projects, and events by following us on social media:

Official Website

For more information about our team and projects, please visit our official website.

Thank you for your interest in Woodman 123 Team! Together, we can use AI and design to make a positive impact on the world.

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